Take Personal Training to the Next Level

The fitness industry is one of the most profitable and powerful industries in existence. It offers limitless opportunities to those who can tap into the lucrative human desire to look, live and feel better. 

Yet, it can also be highly subjective.

Today, everything from yoga to bootcamps, juicing, HIIT, Zumba, wearables, wellness products and more gets labelled as ‘fitness.’ This freedom to self-define has led to a crowded market and it can be difficult, particularly for personal trainers, to build a sustainable brand. 

At Amaven, we help gyms and PTs to maximise their time, skills and profits. With our digital tracking system, it’s easy to keep tabs on performance. Live dashboards and custom profiles allow every client to be supported with bespoke exercise plans, lifestyle tips and workout incentives.

The era of 'made to measure' fitness is here. Is your business ready?

Key Features

  • Detailed Client Profiles

  • Build Bespoke Training Plans

  • Create & Host Virtual Workouts 

  • Hours of Exclusive Video Content

  • Subcription Model for Max. Profitability 

  • Marketing Advice from Pro PTs

For more information, call our team on 0161 300 9172. Or, email us at info@amaven.co.uk to request a demo. 


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Success stories

Personal Trainer
Having recently launched a new boutique health club & brand, we integrated Amaven software as a free personal training platform for all our club members - “TheJourney". I am delighted to boast organic sign-up rates to Amaven of over 75% of total membership. The positive effects Amaven has on our member engagement, member journey, member retention and PT engagement are incredibly encouraging and, the management, tracking and communication the platform provides are second to none. I’m excited to see the results of our member journeys over the next couple of months as they improve their fitness records and, to get my hands on the critical and exacting data the reports produce. The future of fitness and wellbeing coaching.
Julian Ward-Turner
Health Club Owner/Chairman, Vitality Boutique
Personal Trainer
Using Amaven is a practical and influential way of managing personal training. Amaven really helps me to manage and maximise clients goals and expectations through logical progression and effective exercise structure.
Reinhardt van Niekerk
Personal Training
Personal Trainer
Amaven is a clever tool that helps you and your clients keep track of their goals and is excellent for devising highly personalised training programmes.
Ryan Botha
Personal Training