Rickus Jansen

Founder: Jansen Cricket

Rickus is an avid cricketer with extensive experience in the cricket coaching and playing space. Rickus has played for provincial area cricket teams from school level to representing men’s premier league as an all-round player at reputable clubs and being approached to be drafted for the LPL franchise cricket in the Gauteng East region of South Africa. He has been a specialist coach with over 5 years of committed experience and has obtained his level 1 and 2 CSA coaching certificates and training for his level 3 certificate. 

He is involved in the coaching and development of young cricketers at various levels so they can reach their full potential. He founded “Jansen Cricket” in 2016, a high performance coaching clinic that provides multiple coaching services for cricketers of all ages. Jansen’s philosophy to coaching is to develop any cricketer as a whole that will enable them to play any level of cricket with discipline, passion and ease.